New Features and SDK Update

We're bursting with excitement to share some incredible news that's about to level up your Pipl Search API experience! 🚀

Introducing our latest feature release which includes a new vehicle field, a VoIP indicator for phone numbers, an expanded available data section, and new updates to our SDKs.

New Vehicle Field

Vehicles are being added as a new field in the Search API response. Vehicles in the response can include the VIN, make, model, year and type.

"@valid_since": "2008-01-01",
"vin": "1ftrx18wx2nb71717",
"year": "2002",
"make": "ford",
"model": "f150",
"type": "pickup",
"display": "1ftrx18wx2nb71717-2002-ford-f150-pickup"

The new field has a dedicated array in the response and is included in the available data section:

If you have already been getting vehicles from the tag layer, you can continue using this method.

Searching by VIN

Search using a VIN number by using the new vin query parameter. Vin can be included together with other query parameters or in a full person search.

You can also continue using vin search using the username parameter.

Expanded Available Data Section

The available data section of a response will now give you increased insight into the types and sub-types of fields in a response. We have added indicator for the following:

  • vehicles
  • work emails
  • personal emails
  • voip phones
"available_data": {
      "premium": {
         "usernames": 2,
         "jobs": 9,
         "addresses": 2,
         "emails": 3,
         "work_emails": 2,
         "personal_emails": 1,
         "educations": 3,
         "user_ids": 3,
         "phones": 4,
         "mobile_phones": 1,
         "voip_phones": 1,
         "landline_phones": 2,
         "vehicles": 1,
         "social_profiles": 2,
         "names": 1,
         "genders": 1

VoIP Phones Indicator

Phone numbers that are VoIP (voice-over-IP) will now include an indicator in the metadata using the field @voip.

  "country_code": 1,
  "number": 9785550145,
  "@voip": true,
  "display": "(512) 555-0123",
  "display_international": "+1 512-555-0123",

VoIP Match Requirements

You can add VoIP phones as a match requirement for your API queries. You can combine this with other criteria or use it on its own:

  • match_requirements=phone.voip
  • match_requirements=phone.voip OR social_profiles

SDK/Code Library Updates

The Search API SDKs have been updated. In addition to adding support for new features, we have also updated our software version supports.

New Features

  • added support for the new vehicle field
  • add option to search with vin
  • add option to search with match requirements of voip phones - match_requirements=phone.voip

Updated Software Support

The Search API Code Libraries have been updated to support new software versions:

  • Python from 3.7 and above
  • Ruby from 3.0 and above
  • PHP from 8.0 and above
  • DotNet (Csharp ) from v6.0 and above
  • Java from 8 and above

Sept 27, 2023