Data Types

Our API returns a wide range of data types for each query. These data types contain what we know about the person you’re looking for. Each field comes from our records, our data sources, or is inferred using advanced statistical analysis. If a field is inferred, it will be marked as inferred. You also can turn off this feature.

This page explains the kinds of data you can expect to receive in search results. For a technical explanation of each field, please refer to our full API reference.

Note that a response can be variable and not contain all the data types you might be looking for. To only pay for responses that contain the data types you want, specify match requirements with your match criteria.

Current name as well as maiden name and nicknames.
Email addresses
Full email addresses. Personal and Work emails.
Phone numbers. Current and past, mobile and landline , home and office.

*CONTACT and SOCIAL keys do not include mobile phones . The BUSINESS key includes all phone types including mobile.
* *
Usernames in use online by the person. This includes screen names, handles, and nicknames from across the web, social media sites, forums, and more.
Image URL of profile images and other images that are related to the person. Each image includes a thumbnail token for our complementary thumbnail service.
Date of Birth results might be given as a range if the exact date is unknown.
Male or Female
Home and work, current and past addresses associated with the person. Includes house number, street, city, ZIP code, state, and country.
Current and past jobs. Includes the Period, Job Title and Organization.
Degrees from various schools. Includes the Institution, Degree, and the Period.
Vehicles owned by the individual.
Friends, family, colleagues, social media followers, and other people associated with the person.
Languages spoken by the individual.
Origin Country
An individual's ancestral country.
Related URLs
URL of pages related to the person. Includes social profiles, professional licenses, publications, phone directories, court records, blogs, and much more.