Inferred Data

Our people data is source-validated, meaning that every piece of information originates from records in one or more of our data sources. Full details of these sources are available in the API response.

In addition to source-validated data, we offer inferred data. This data might not be validated by a source, but based on our advanced statistical model it is highly likely to be correct.

Inferred data is useful when information does not have to be precisely accurate, such as when it's used for marketing purposes. You can set the accuracy level that fits your application or turn this feature off. Note that whenever a data element—or even part of an element is inferred, Pipl clearly marks it as “inferred” so you can easily separate it from source-validated data.

Examples of inferred data:

  • Gender from Name
  • Location from Phone number
  • Workplace from Email address

You can use the minimum_probability and infer_persons parameters to define when the Search API returns inferred data.

For more information about inferred data, see Get data outta thin air.