Configuration Parameters

The Search API accepts the following request (configuration) parameters:

keynullStringYour API key, this is our way to identify you and authorize your call.
prettytrueBooleanIndicates whether you want the response to be “pretty-printed” (with indentation).
minimum_probability0.9Float0 – 1. The minimum acceptable probability for inferred data .
infer_personsfalseBooleanwhether the API should return persons made up solely from data inferred by statistical analysis from your search query.
minimum_match0.0Float0 – 1. The minimum required match score for possible persons to be returned.

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show_sourcesfalseStringtrue/false/all/matching. all - all sources are shown. matching or true - only sources from the person. false - don’t show sources.
show_sourceidsfalseBooleanset to True to include, for each Person or possible person, a list of source IDs that were used to form the profile.

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hide_sponsoredfalseBooleanWhether to omit results marked "sponsored" (when additional data from this source is available behind a website paywall).
live_feedstrueBooleanWhether to use live data sources.

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match_requirementsnoneStringA condition to specify what fields you must get back. Responses not meeting the criteria will return empty and won’t be charged.
source_category_requirementsnoneStringA condition to specify what source categories you must get back. Responses with no persons that meet the criteria will return empty and won’t be charged.
callbacknoneStringFor JSONP support in JavaScript applications. Only alphanumeric characters and underscores are allowed
top_matchfalseBoolean"top_match=true" returns the best high-ranking Person match to your search. The API will only return a highly probable Person OR a No Match (when no highly probable profile is found). It never returns a Possible Persons’ response.

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Set global default search configuration parameters (this will apply all requests made to the Pipl Search API in your app)

SearchAPIRequest.set_default_settings(api_key=u'YOURKEY', minimum_probability=None,
    show_sources=None, minimum_match=None, hide_sponsored=None, live_feeds=None)
Pipl.configure do |c|
  c.api_key = 'YOURKEY'
  c.show_sources = 'all'
  c.minimum_probability = 0.7
  c.minimum_match = 0.5
  c.strict_validation = true

SearchConfiguration defaultConfiguration = SearchAPIRequest.getDefaultConfiguration();
defaultConfiguration.apiKey = "YOURKEY";
defaultConfiguration.minimumProbability = null;
defaultConfiguration.showSources = null;
defaultConfiguration.possibleResults = null;
defaultConfiguration.hideSponsored = null;
defaultConfiguration.liveFeeds = null;
PiplApi_SearchAPIRequest::get_default_configuration()->api_key = "YOURKEY";
PiplApi_SearchAPIRequest::get_default_configuration()->minimum_probability = 0.9;
PiplApi_SearchAPIRequest::get_default_configuration()->minimum_match = 0.8;
PiplApi_SearchAPIRequest::get_default_configuration()->hide_sponsored = true;
PiplApi_SearchAPIRequest::get_default_configuration()->live_feeds = false;
PiplApi_SearchAPIRequest::get_default_configuration()->show_sources = "all";
SearchConfiguration defaultConfiguration = SearchAPIRequest.DefaultConfiguration;
defaultConfiguration.ApiKey = "YOURKEY";
defaultConfiguration.MinimumProbability = null;
defaultConfiguration.ShowSources = null;
defaultConfiguration.MinimumMatch = null;
defaultConfiguration.HideSponsored = null;
defaultConfiguration.LiveFeeds = null;