Available Data

This object contains the summary of the data for this search. It allows you to quickly see which data can be—or was—returned depending on the key you searched with.

Field Count

A FieldCount object is used to store the sum of data types within a person or a list of possible persons. It might be a summary of a single person or a sum of data within a list of possible persons.

"available_data": {
        "premium": {
            "relationships": 7, 
            "usernames": 2, 
            "jobs": 14, 
            "addresses": 11, 
            "phones": 6, 
            "mobile_phones": 2, 
            "landline_phones": 4, 
            "educations": 2, 
            "vehicles": 1, // new!
            "languages": 1, 
            "user_ids": 6, 
            "social_profiles": 5, 
            "names": 1, 
            "dobs": 1, 
            "images": 4, 
            "genders": 1, 
            "emails": 6,
            "work_emails": 2,   // new!
            "personal_emails": 4  // new!
relationshipsIntegerThe sum of relationships
usernamesIntegerThe sum of usernames
user_idsIntegerThe sum of user ids
jobsIntegerThe sum of jobs
addressesIntegerThe sum of addresses
phonesIntegerThe sum of both mobile and landline phones
mobile_phonesIntegerThe sum of mobile phones
landline_phonesIntegerThe sum of landline (non-mobile) phones
educationsIntegerThe sum of educations
vehicles - newIntegerThe sum of vehicles
languagesIntegerThe sum of languages
social_profilesIntegerThe sum of social profile sources
namesIntegerThe sum of names
dobsIntegerThe sum of dates of birth
imagesIntegerThe sum of images
gendersIntegerThe sum of genders
emailsIntegerThe sum of emails
work_emails - newIntegerThe sum of work emails
personal_emails - newIntegerThe sum of personal emails
origin_countriesIntegerThe sum of origin countries