Required plan

Available in all plans.

The date-of-birth (DOB) of the person as a Date Range. The exact date is within the range. If the exact date is known, the range will simply be with start=end.

date_rangeDateRangeSee Date Range for more details.
displayStringThe person’s estimated age represented by this DOB for display purposes. For example, '47 years old’. If age > 80, the format is 'Born 1927’. Response only.

Search Requirements

For a DOB to be useful for a search, it must contain a valid Date Range.

Both start and end must be valid dates in 'YYYY-MM-DD’ format, start <= end.

If you have a specific date, put it in both the start and the end of the Date Range.


  "date_range": {
    "start": "1986-01-01",
    "end": "1987-05-13"
  "display": "28 years old"