Required plan

Available only in the BUSINESS plan.

@typeStringEither one of 'personal’ or 'work’. Default is 'personal’.
addressStringValid email address in simple form. No brackets of any kind.
address_md5StringMD5 hash of the address.
@disposableBooleanWhether this is a disposable email (for example guerillamail.com). Response only. Omitted if false.
@email_providerBooleanWhether this email came from a public provider (such as gmail.com). Response only.

Search Requirements

For an email object to be sufficient for a search, it must contain a valid email address or an MD5 hash of a valid email address.

MD5 Calculation Guidelines

When sending an MD5 hash of an email address, we recommend normalizing the email before calculating the hash:

  • The entire email should be in lowercase.
  • If the username contains a plus (+) character, remove it and any trailing character (so [email protected] will become [email protected]).
  • For Gmail addresses only:
    • If the email domain ends with "googlemail.com", replace this with "gmail.com".
    • Remove any dots in the username.


  "@valid_since": "2010-08-17",
  "@last_seen": "2020-10-06",
  "@type": "work",
  "@email_provider": false,
  "address": "[email protected]",
  "address_md5": "eb3e11de3c9cefc2d9d70972350e2b28"

	"@disposable": true,
	"@email_provider": false,
	"address": "[email protected]",
	"address_md5": "999e509752141a0ee42ff455529c10fc"
	"@type": "personal",
	"@email_provider": true,
	"address": "[email protected]",
	"address_md5": "501548362894b9a08f071b1565d8aa14"