Required plan

Landline phones are available in all plans. Mobile phones are available in the BUSINESS plan only.

@typeStringOne of 'mobile’, 'home_phone’, 'home_fax’, 'work_phone’, 'work_fax’ or 'pager’. No default value.
@do_not_callBooleanWhen the indicator is marked as true, this indicates that the US phone number is listed in the National Do Not Call Registry and should not to be contacted for telemarketing purposes.

This indicator can be used solely for the purpose of complying with the US law for preventing phone calls to numbers listed on the DNC list.

We continuously update the DNC registry to stay current. This indication should only be used the same day the API response was received.
@voipBooleanphone is a voip (voice over IP) new!
country_codeIntegerInternational call country code. See ITU-T Recommendation E.164
numberIntegerPhone number
rawStringAn unparsed phone. Request only.
displayStringThe full national phone for display purposes. Response only.
display_internationalStringThe full international phone for display purposes. Response only.

Search Requirements

For a phone object to be sufficient for a search, it needs to be a valid number. It should contain either a raw phone string or a number and country code.


  "country_code": 1,
  "number": 9785550145,
  "@type": "home_phone",
  "display": "(978) 555-0145",
  "display_international": "+1 978-555-0145",

  "country_code": 1,
  "number": 5125550123,
  "@voip": true,
  "display": "(512) 555-0123",
  "display_international": "+1 512-555-0123",