Required plan

Available in all plans

@typeStringEither one of ‘present’, 'maiden’, 'former’ or 'alias’. Default is 'present’.
firstStringFirst name
middleStringMiddle name or middle initial
lastStringLast name
prefixStringA person’s title
suffixStringAdditional information about a person
rawStringAn unparsed person’s full name. Request only.
displayStringThe full name for display purposes. Response only.

Search Requirements

For a name to be valid in a search as the single parameter, it must contain both a first and a last name of length > 1. Names that do not meet this criteria can only be used in combination with another searchable field in
a partial name search

Best Practices for Searching with Names discusses strategies for using names in Pipl Search.

Raw Name Parsing

When you don’t know the breakdown of a name string to its components, don’t worry. Just fill in the raw member of the name object and we will do name parsing for you.

Note that if you provide a raw name and at the same time provide both first and last names, we will ignore the raw name. If you only provide one of them then we will use the raw name.

To see the final result of the parsing, take a look at the query member of the response object. It holds the final person that we have searched for.

Partial Name Searching

Sometimes you might only have a first name, last name, or first initial of a person's name. When used in combination with other searchable field(s), these partial names will help improve identity resolution.


Only have part of a person's name?

  • Partial name searches support a first name of at least 1 character and last name of at least 2 characters.
  • A first name or last name can also be used alone.
  • Can be used in both search parameter and person searches

Make sure to meet the minimum requirements by including one of the following in your search:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Username
  • User ID
  • URL
  • Single valid US address (down to a house number)


  "@valid_since": "2012-01-01",
  "first": "Clark",
  "middle": "Joseph",
  "last": "Kent",
  "display": "Clark Joseph Kent"