Required plan

Available only in the SOCIAL plan and up.

The ID is a string used to uniquely identify a person. In a single identity provider, this string is guaranteed to identify exactly one person. An identity provider may be a website, such as a social network, a government (for national IDs), or something else.

contentStringA person’s user id in the format of user_id@service.

Search Requirements

For a user id to be sufficient for a search, its content attribute must include “@SERVICE” with service being one of the known services.

List of Supported Services



The following list is a dynamic list and new services can be added at any time.

facebook, linkedin, twitter, myspace, foursquare, ebay, google, pinterest, instagram, lastfm, flickr, youtube, digg tagged, hi5, weeworld, delicious, hyves, deviantart, douban, odnoklassniki, quora, xanga, mylife, gaia, stumbleupon, bebo, livejournal, viadeo, ning, myheritage, qzone, vk, flixster, tumblr, myyearbook, badoo, habbo, xing, sonico, friendster, meetup, goodreads, classmates, renren, cyworld, netlog, soundcloud, yelp, orkut, aboutme, flavorsme, freelancer, gravatar, imgur, github, CPF, medium, NPI, tiktok, strava, academia, VIN.


  "content": "11231@facebook"