Required plan

Available only in the SOCIAL plan and up.

The ID is a string used by a website to uniquely identify a person. In a single website, this string is guaranteed to identify exactly one person.

@source_idStringThe source ID (if this URL is a source of data)
@domainStringThe domain
@nameStringThe site name
@categoryStringOne of: 'background_reports’, 'contact_details’, 'email_address’, 'media’, 'personal_profiles’, 'professional_and_business’, 'public_records’, 'publications’, 'school_and_classmates’, 'web_pages’
urlStringThe actual URL
@sponsoredBooleanIndicating whether additional data from this source is available behind a website paywall. Omitted if false.

Search Requirements

URL objects by themselves are not useful for a search, but it is possible to send URLs of a supported service. We will parse a username or user_id from those URLs if possible.


    "@source_id": "5d836a4acc55922e49fc709c7a39e233", 
    "@domain": "facebook.com", 
    "@name": "Facebook", 
    "@category": "personal_profiles", 
    "url": "http://facebook.com/superman"