Required plan

Available only in the BUSINESS plan.

titleStringJob title
organizationStringThe name of the employing organization
industryStringThe employing organization industry
date_rangeDateRangePeriod of employment. Date ranges might be partial to designate current job or an unknown start date. See Date Range for more details.
coming soon
"name" : String,
"domain" : String,
@domain_accuracy: Float
A list of attributes about the organization:
name - name of the organization
domain - url of the organization's website
@domain_accuracy - value between 0 and 1 that indicates the confidence of accuracy of the domain for this organization
Response only.
displayStringThe full job headline for display purposes. Response only.

Search Requirements

For a Job object to be useful for a search, it must contain either a title or an organization.


  "title": "Field Reporter",
  "organization": "The Daily Planet",
  "industry": "Journalism",
  "date_range": {
    "start": "2000-12-08",
    "end": "2012-10-09"
  "organization_data": {         //coming soon
"name": "The Daily Planet",      //
"domain": "thedailyplanet.com",  //
"domain_accuracy": "8",          //
  },														 //

  "display": "Field Reporter at The Daily Planet (2000-2012)"