Person Object

This object represents a single real-world person. It contains a summary of all information we have on that person. We do our best to merge relevant pieces of information and remove duplicates.


@idGUIDAn identifier of this person in this response. To be used in conjunction with @person_id in the Source object. Only shown if the response includes a single person object.
@inferredBooleanWhether this person is made up solely from data inferred by statistical analysis from your search query. You can control inference using the minimum_probability parameter and inference of persons using the infer_persons parameter.
@search_pointerStringA special string crafted by the API for follow-up searches.
@matchFloat0-1. The level of confidence we have that this is the person you’re looking for.


namesName[]Array of names
emailsEmail[]Array of emails
usernamesUsername[]Array of usernames
phonesPhones[]Array of phones
genderGenderA gender object
dobDOBA date of birth object
languagesLanguage[]Array of languages
origin_countriesOriginCountry[]Array of origin countries
addressesAddress[]Array of addresses
jobsJob[]Array of jobs
educationsEducations[]Array of educations
vehicles - coming soonVehicle[]Array of vehicles
relationshipsRelationships[]Array of relationships
user_idsUserID[]Array of user ids
imagesImage[]Array of images
urlsUrl[]Array of urls

Example Person Object

  "@id": GUID,
  "@search_pointer": "string",
  "@match": float,
  "names": [],
  "emails": [],
  "usernames": [],
  "phones": [],
  "gender": {},
  "dob": {},
  "languages": [],
  "origin_countries": [],
  "addresses": [],
  "jobs": [],
  "educations": [],
  "vehicles": [],   //coming soon!
  "relationships": [],
  "user_ids": [],
  "images": [],
  "urls": []