Query Parameters

Use any combination of the parameters below. Each parameter may be used only once. A search request has to contain at least one valid name, email address, phone, username, user id, URL, or a full US address (including a house number).

email[email protected]Email address
phone+1 (978) 555-0145Home/work/mobile phone number. We’ll try to parse the number using libphonenumber.
usernamesupermanUsername/screen-name, minimum 3 characters. There’s an advanced option to search by username or user-id at a specific service like [email protected]
user_id[email protected]Unique ID in a supported service. It must include the service name.
urlhttps://www.linkedin.com/pub/superman/20/7a/365Profile URL in a supported service. This URL will be parsed to a username or user_id object.
first_nameClarkFirst name, minimum 2 characters, except when using a partial name search.
last_nameKentLast name, minimum 2 characters, except when using a partial name search.
middle_nameJosephMiddle name or middle initial
raw_nameClark Joseph KentFull Name. Use this parameter if the accurate name parts (first/middle/last) are not available. This parameter will only be used in absence of first_name and last_name.
countryUSA two-letter, Alpha-2 ISO-3166 country code.
stateKSA United States, Canada, Great Britain or Australia state code. If a US state is provided and no country specified, we’ll assume the country to be US.
streetHickory LaneStreet
house10House number
zipcode66605ZIP Code
raw_address10-1 Hickory Lane, Smallville, KansasFull address. Use this parameter if the accurate address parts (country/state/city…) are not available.
age26-29String, an exact (YY) or approximate (YY-YY) age.


https://api.pipl.com/search/[email protected]&key=YOURKEY
from piplapis.search import SearchAPIRequest
request = SearchAPIRequest(email='[email protected]', api_key='YOURKEY')
response = request.send()
require 'pipl'
response = Pipl::client.search email: '[email protected]', api_key: 'YOURKEY'
import com.pipl.api.search.SearchAPIRequest;
import com.pipl.api.search.SearchAPIResponse;
import com.pipl.api.search.SearchConfiguration;

SearchAPIConfiguration configuration = new SearchConfiguration();
configuration.apiKey = 'YOURKEY'

SearchAPIRequest request = new SearchAPIRequest.Builder()
                                               .email("[email protected]")
SearchAPIResponse response = request.send();

require_once './piplapis/search.php';

$configuration = new PiplApi_SearchRequestConfiguration();
$configuration->api_key = 'YOURKEY';
$request = new PiplApi_SearchAPIRequest(array('email' => '[email protected]',
'first_name' => 'Clark',
'last_name' => 'Kent'), $configuration);
$response = $request->send();
using Pipl.APIs.Search;

SearchConfiguration searchConfiguration = new SearchConfiguration(apiKey: "YOURKEY");
SearchAPIRequest request = new SearchAPIRequest(email: "[email protected]",
firstName: "Clark",
lastName: "Kent", requestConfiguration: searchConfiguration);
SearchAPIResponse response = await request.SendAsync();
curl https://api.pipl.com/search/\[email protected]\&key=YOURKEY